"Quick Design" Plan Examples

The most popular of the two design choices would be the "quick design."  After a thorough consultation to determine your needs our designer will go out into your yard, alone, and begin to visualize each area to be designed.  Once the vision is in place he will then draw on an 8.5"x11" piece of paper your landscape design.  It includes all the necessary information such as a plant list, number of needed plants, wall/patio locations, pergola location, pond shape, general lighting locations, etc...  The design is not exactly to-scale and once the installation process begins there may be a need for some minor changes.  The process typically takes about 2 1/2 -3 1/2 hours for a small yard and 4-5 hours for larger yards.  We have provided our landscape design and landscaping services as far west as Boone, NC and as far east as Beaufort, NC.

See below for a description of our other design service


To-Scale Landscape Design Plan Examples

Much like an architect's blueprint of a house, our "To-Scale" Design will have every bit of information needed to install a very large landscape project.  Exact materials, exact square footage of spaces such as patios, walls, fireplaces and swimming pools are taken into account.  Plants are drawn exactly where they are to be planted and you can take a ruler or scale to the drawing and pinpoint exact placement.  Changes are rarely needed with material estimating or plant locations due to the accuracy of keeping it to-scale.  This process starts out with a consultation much like the "Quick Design" above but the drawing and design time takes place in our studio along with several additional visits back to your location for visualizing and measuring.  The design time typically takes between 8-12 total hours.


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